PCH services are active and ready for peering at BDIX now

Packet Clearing House (PCH)
December 17, 2021
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February 13, 2022

PCH services are active and ready for peering at BDIX now

Packet Clearing House (PCH) (http://www.pch.net) a not-for-profit research institute, which operates global anycast DNS network, public looking-glasses, and routing data-collection facilities at many Internet exchanges points around the world. PCH services are active and ready for peering at BDIX now.

PCH anycast DNS network provides support services for E and D root-servers, and over 400 TLDs (including some very large ones like .ca, .fr, .sg, .dk, .ch, .es, .ua etc). For maximum performance and reliability of the TLD servers PCH host and attempt to peer with all participants at each Internet exchange. The volume of traffic associated with these services is small but believe to be particularly valuable. More information is available at http://www.pch.net/technology/anycast.php

PCH’s anycast network also provides network transit services for the Quad9 project, a free and privacy-friendly recursive DNS resolver that provides end users with robust security protection. Quad9 uses threat intelligence feeds to block malicious domains, preventing consumers computers and IoT devices from connecting to malware or phishing sites.

PCH routing data collection network collects peering-only routes from as many participants as possible at each exchange. PCH routing archives can be retrieved from


PCH looking glass is available at https://www.pch.net/tools/looking_glass.

PCH peering will be available at BDIX following their reciprocally agreed terms and review is at https://www.pch.net/about/peering.

The peering details are as follows:


Organisation: BDIX

AS42:, 2001:df3:d680::2
AS3856:, 2001:df3:d680::3

Organisation: Packet Clearing House

Policy : Open (Multiple locations recommended)
Max Prefix : AS42 – IPv4: 600, IPv6: 600 (recommended)
Max Prefix : AS3856 – IPv4: 1, IPv6: 1
MD5 : Not preferred. (Supported if required)
Peering email : peering@pch.net
NOC email : noc@pch.net
NOC phone : +1 415 247 7337, +1 866 BGP PEER
Peering Details : http://www.pch.net/peering
PeeringDB : AS42 – http://as42.peeringdb.com
PeeringDB : AS3856 – http://as3856.peeringdb.com

In case of any inconvenience and for more information pl. mail to info@bdix.net or peering@pch.net