About Us

BDIX is the first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Bangladesh. It was established to provide physical interconnection for its members to exchange and route local Internet traffic locally through it. Since 2014, BDIX has maintained leadership of the fast-developing Internet industry of Bangladesh by providing high quality services that provided fast, cost-effective and efficient Internet connections for its members and their customers. BDIX is a not-for-profit venture of the Sustainable Development Networking Foundation (SDNF) Bangladesh. So far more than 110 Organisations of different types (ISPs, Mobile Operators, Content Providers) are peering through BDIX.
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How to Join

Connecting with BDIX is quite simple. Follow the steps below and your network will be connected within a number of days. BDIX Membership is open to a wide variety of organisations. There are some simple requirements to becom a member.
  • Check that you qualify all the requirements for becoming a member of BDIX.
  • Fill in the Application Form
  • Sign the agreement with BDIX
  • Allow 3/4 days to complete the connection process
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    Our Tariff Modules

    The BDIX price structure is straightforward.
    Unless mentioned otherwise only monthly port price is charged.The price strategy, structure and policy is proposed to and agreed upon by the BDIX Board of Trustees as fixed by BTRC.
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    Current News

    BDIX in Numbers


    Years of Experience

    Since 2004, BDIX has been working to improve Internet infrastructure in Bangladesh.

    Peering Members

    More than 110 peering members ( ISPs, Telcos and content providers) are currently peering with BDIX

    Total Average Traffic (GB)

    Current Total Average Traffic of BDIX is 65 GB

    Our Partners