Become a Member

How to join

Procedure of Joining

Connecting to BDIX is quite simple. Follow the steps below and your network will be connected within a number of days..

  • Check that you qualify all the requirements for becoming a member of BDIX.
  • Fill in the Application Form.
  • Sign the agreement with BDIX.
  • Allow 3/4 days for the complete connection process.

  • For more technical details regarding your connectivity and pricing go to our technical page and membership fees page.
    In case you have any questions during the application process please contact us at:

    Minimum Requirements for Joining

    BDIX Membership is open to a wide variety of organisations. There are some simple requirements to becoming a member:

  • Your Organisation must have recognised legal entity
  • You must have an Autonomous System Number (ASN)
  • You must have IP block of your own
  • Your Routing Device should be capable of running (Border Gateway Protocol Version4 or above) BGP-4 for peering
  • General Principles

    BDIX Membership is open to a wide variety of organisations. There are some simple requirements to becoming a member:

    - BDIX is the neutral meeting point of the ISPs, Telecom companies, contents providers and government agencies in Bangladesh.
    - BDIX is not an ISP and will not provide any Internet connections or Transit services to its members. Members should have full Internet connectivity independent of BDIX facilities.
    - BDIX will not assign or provide for IP addresses, AS numbers, etc. Peering ISP’s will make their own arrangements with APNIC for this.
    - Members need to provide a 24×7 contact point to act upon urgent incidents/outages.
    - Each member shall sign a membership form downloadable at BDIX websites (
    - Connectivity to the BDIX will through dedicated leased lines ( Fiber Optics Connection preferred) of sufficient capacity. Payments made to carriers for the leased link will be directly between them and the membrs and BDIX will not be a party to it, except for ensuring technical compatibility.
    - Members shall provide their own necessary equipments (routers, convertors, connector, cabling etc) to their networks up to BDIX switch.
    - Peering members will not be allowed to have BDIX facilities as a default route. Further no member should use BDIX to carry traffic between its own two or more routers.
    - Members will ensure that their use of BDIX facilities is not detrimental to other members in any way and that all usage is compliant with the applicable internet standards of IETF.
    - BDIX reserves the right to temporarily disconnect any member for security reasons or preserving the stability of BDIX infrastructure.
    - BDIX reserves the right to amend the guidelines stated above, with approval of the Board. For latest Policy Guidelines, please visit Peering and Tariff Policy