Thank You for Being Part of Our Journey!

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April 28, 2020
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December 27, 2020

Thank You for Being Part of Our Journey!

Thank You for Being Part of Our Journey!

Today, on 17th of June 2020 BDIX, the first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Bangladesh will complete its glorious six years journey in this arena. Though, the actual voyage started almost another decade back when SDNF and some of the pioneering ISPs of Bangladesh intended to link their networks together in a tiny switch to save cost and time delay (latency) in routing data across themselves. From the beginning our slogan was ‘Save Time Save Resources’. The motive of setting up of BDIX was to provide high-speed, reliable and resilient IP traffic exchange facilities for the ISPs and content providers allowing them to route IP traffic efficiently within Bangladesh. Due to lack of proper technical knowledge and other necessary resources and without sufficient financial support the task of setting up of a national IXP at that time was not so easy and challenging too. But finally, all stakeholder parties indicated a willingness to join in, and the idea of establishing a formal BDIX ultimately bore fruit. The support of our national and International sponsors/partners played a great role to make all these happen.

We are proud of our past and current management, technical and administrative team members and thanks to all for their total support. We are keenly aware and acknowledge that we couldn’t have reached this point without your support. It is our solemn duty at this moment to remember Late Prof. Jamilur Reza Chowdhury who as the Chair of BDIX had steered us through all these formative years.

Our priority has always been, and will always be, taking care of our members and partners the people who make BDIX possible and for whom the BDIX is.

Given that BDIX is a not-for-profit outfit and its top management serves only out of its sense of duty for public service without any pecuniary benefits, it is not easy in the present context to run a technology based organization which has to keep abreast not only of technological development but deploy them for the benefit of its clientele and the general public at the earliest opportunity. However, this had also been a great pleasure serving you all through these years.

We hope to continue this relationship and sense of service in the forthcoming years with great reverence and respect and hope you will join us in this journey to make the way people work together, and the world along with it, to make it a better place. We assure BDIX will play its part in shaping this future.

Thank you all!